11 Rugs to Set Your Home Apart

As The Dude can tell you, a good rug can really tie a room together. These fantastic floor coverings are a great way to add a little more personality to your home.

After Matisse

We love a good collection of colors and this wonderful rug that invokes thoughts of the great modern artist Matisse is adorned with a rainbow of hues.


If you prefer your colors in organized stripes rather than piles of squares, then check out this awesome Rosenberry Rooms rug.

Modular Masterpiece

No matter what size or color you need, EntreDesign can custom-make an impressive modular crochet rug for you out of recycled fabrics from the Portuguese textile industry.

Land Carpet

Most of us can't afford to fly every day, but if you just can't get enough of the views from above, you'll absolutely want to get your hands on these brilliant designs by Florian Puncher. You can even select a view from specific countries.

Worlds Apart

You don't need to invest in a telescope to enjoy the beauty of space -just incorporate this beautiful rug by 2SweetsHomeDecor into your space.

Space Invader

Of course, if you prefer to enjoy your views of space from an arcade cabinet, you won't want to miss this charming rug featuring everyone's favorite 8-bit alien.

Plush Tiger Skin

There was a time that having a dead beast on your floor was the epitome of masculinity. This charming plush tiger skin rug turns that idea on its head and makes it an ideal way to decorate a child's room.

Wooden Bear Skin

If you wish for your own fun hunting trophy rug with a more adult vibe, enjoy this amazing plush bear skin that looks hard wood floor.

Climbing Leopard

Diane Von Furstenburg knows her fans have a wild side, which is why precisely why she introduced this seriously cool leopard rug.

Monarch Fire

Few things are more beautiful than a migration of monarch butterflies and now you can enjoy the sight on a daily basis by bringing them into your home thanks to this rug by Alexander McQueen.

Shadow Steps

Learn to dance the tango while pretending to be on a beautiful cobblestone street in Europe at sunset thanks to this cool black and white design by A/R Design.

If you're looking for a great rug to welcome people to your home (and to wipe your feet on), don't miss our round up of geeky doormats.

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