12 Delightful Doctor Who Home Goods

We've already featured a wide array of geek goodies, most notably including two collections of Star Wars stuff, but for those who love their scifi on the Brit side, here are some of the coolest ways to accessorize your home with a little Doctor Who.

TARDIS Murphy Bed

The blogger from The Stubby Thumb has a smaller two-bedroom home. To make the most of her space while still accommodating a guest bed, she opted to add a Murphy bed to the second bedroom -but not just any Murphy bed, this is a TARDIS Murphy bed that truly is bigger on the inside.

Dalek Dresser & TARDIS Bookshelf

Brenna Monroe sent this charming picture of her custom kid's furniture to The Doctor Who Hub. The dresser remains one of the best (and only) pieces of Dalek-inspired furniture out there.

TARDIS Refrigerator

Glass Sculpture.org sells this incredible TARDIS refrigerator cover that can be custom built to accommodate any fridge. The "police box" sign area can even be equipped with a door to provide access to your ice maker.

TARDIS Cat Condo

Cats have nine lives, so they're practically Time Lords already -so why not give them their own TARDIS? This adorable cat condo from That Cute Site is an attractive option sure to please humans, cats and Gallifreyans alike.


Want to live inside the TARDIS? With this fun wallpaper available on eBay, you can look up at the wall and feel like you're right at home inside the little blue box.


Of course, you don't need wallpaper when you can just get a police box sign and hang it up on a wall painted in the trademark TARDIS blue.

TARDIS Doorwrap

With this awesome Tardis doorwrap, it's easier than ever to imagine that your room (or even the entire home) is bigger on the inside thanks to Time Lord technology.

Pillow Case

You're sure to have sweet dreams of The Doctor and his crazy intergalactic adventures when you fall asleep on this cosmic TARDIS pillowcase.

TARDIS Throw Pillow

Remind yourself of the pure joy of The Doctor's arrival whenever you relax to watch television with this wonderful TARDIS throw pillow.

TARDIS Shower Caddy

Some people sing in the shower and others plan out the rest of their day, but for those who dream of getting whisked away by a confused, slightly deranged Doctor, this TARDIS shower caddy is a great way to help set the scene.

Sonic Screwdriver Remote

You might not be able to get a real sonic screwdriver that works like The Doctor's, but you can at least pretend to with this fantastic sonic screwdriver that works as a TV remote.

Cyberman Squirrel Feeder

Since there seems to be a definitive lack of Cyberman-related home items, it seems worth mentioning that a little peanut butter, some nuts and a Cyberman mask can make one heck of a squirrel feeder, adding the perfect touch of Whovian style to your garden (particularly when paired with a subtle Weeping Angel statue).

Can't get enough Whovian home stuff? Then don't miss the whole TARDIS-themed room in our round up of scifi rooms that are out of this world.

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