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Apple Spaceship Campus or Fish Market?

As you may know, Apple is building a new circular campus as its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The new campus, dubbed the "Apple Spaceship Campus" and designed by architecture firm Foster + Partners, is a massive 2.8 million square feet (260,000+ m2) office and research facilities project. It has a 1,000-seat flying saucer-shaped auditorium, and even an electric power plant that will serve as the campus' primary source of electricity.

Apple Spaceship Campus - via Cupertino City Website

But you don't have to be a behemoth tech company to have a cutting edge, circular (okay, oval in this case) building that fits right at home in a sci-fi movie set in the future. Take, for example, this fish market in Turkey.

A fish market?

Yes, you read that right. The Bursa Wholesale Greengrocers and Fishmongers Market in the city of Bursa in northwestern Turkey (once the capital of the Ottoman Empire, no less), was designed in 2010 by Tuncer Çakmakli Architects.

The modern facility focuses on wholesale trade of fruits and vegetables, with a separate space for fish and other seafoods. The building's design take into account the high volume trade activity which involves a lot of vehicle, material, and pedestrian movements. The elliptical shape is designed to facilitate easy exchange and routing of foodstuffs from suppliers to retailers and restaurateurs - in one central location.

Architecturally, the Bursa wholesale market is very similar to a sports stadium. Its high ceiling utilizes steel spanned arched roof. The building itself is a steel structure with prefabricated reinforced concrete, with glass and brick walls. The roof utilizes trapeze, galvanized and dyed sheet metal. Steel, wood and aluminum are used throughout for doors and other structures within the modern marketplace.

Images: Tuncer Çakmakli, Aziz Safi, Seyfetting Bal and Gürkan Akay - via Architizer

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Apple Spaceship Campus or Fish Market?
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