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8 Smart & Stylish Kitchen Storage Systems

A place for everything and everything in its place, as the proverb goes, and nothing exemplifies that like these custom kitchen storage systems.

A functional kitchen needs not only the basics - a kitchen sink, working surface, and cooking equipments like an oven and burners - but also plenty of storage for cooking utensils, as well as pots and pans. But that's not enough, the storage also has to work well to keep the right equipments organized and within easy reach.

That's where these custom storage solutions come in. Take a look at the best in custom kitchen storage sytems that can turn a good kitchen into a great one.

1. Dedicated Kitchen Drawers

Cooke & Lewis created that bespoke kitchen look with their dedicated utensil drawer and pull-down trays. These trays are made from sustainable Forest Stewardship Council-certified beech wood and stainless steel utensils with ergonomic rubberized grips.

Mike and Dolores Rose of The Lubina Kitchen Company designed custom kitchen drawers that are not only functional, but look great, too. As part of creating custom cabinets, Lubina has bespoke drawer systems that are custom-fitted for your tools, utensils, pots and pans, as well as plates.

2. SieMatic S1 Task Channel

Who said that kitchen storage has to be in the cabinets? The S1 Task Channel from SieMatic is definitely one neat feature: the modern aluminum flap opens to reveal a storage channel that lets you keep knives, jars, and tools within easy reach of the primary work surface.

3. Glideware Pots and Pans Hanging System

Ask any chef and they'll tell you that it has happened to them: the pot or pan that they need is at the very bottom of the stack or at the very back of the cabinet. To get to it, they need to unload the entire cabinet (then repack it back - so it's double work!).

Dave and Jenny Hall asked why stack your pots and pans when you can hang them instead. They've come up with Glideware - a new pots and pans organization system that lets you hang cookware for quick and easy access.

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8 Smart & Stylish Kitchen Storage Systems
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