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The Hammock Bathtub

Soak in a bathtub or lounge in a hammock? Why not both? Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington of UK design company SplinterWorks designed a hammock bathtub, dubbed Vessel, that lets you do both at the same time.

Unlike regular bathtubs, the hammock bathtub is designed to be suspended from the walls via stainless steel brackets and does not touch the floor. The bath is filled with a standing faucet that comes up from the floor. Water is released from the tub through the base, which then flows into a floor drain (in a wet room setting). A downpipe can be installed if this is not possible.

Strong carbon fiber allows the unique shape of the tub, while keeping it light enough to hang. A foam core insulates the tub, keeping the bath water warm for longer than a regular bathtub. At 2.7 m (almost 9 feet) long, the Vessel bathtub is comfortable for tall people, and is big enough to share. It is available in black, red, blue, yellow, bronze, silver, and even pink.

No, the hammock bathtub does not swing like a regular hammock, but it does look very relaxing. And, there's no denying that this unique design can be the focal point of a custom house.

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