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The Balance Bookshelf

How do literary heavyweights stack against one another? Does one War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, which comes in at a hefty 1,225 pages, outweigh James Joyce's tour de force Ulysses, which runs into about 1,000 pages? The Balance Bookshelf will be the judge of that!

Interior designer Chris Cushingham's Balance Bookshelf is a wall-mounted bookshelf that lets you display your books unlike any other bookshelves. The idea is simple: put the books you've read on one side of the scale and your collection of unread books on the other. The Balance Bookshelf "helps you visualize your stack of read books vs. unread books," Cushingham wrote on his Etsy page and added, "motivation to get some reading done."

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The Balance Bookshelf
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