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Book It: 17 Beautiful Bookcases & Bookshelves

Whether you like to read War and Peace or the Twilight Series, everyone needs a place to store their books. These seventeen bookcases and bookshelves can clear away the cluttery piles of books you may have laying around while adding some extra style to your home.


If you pray to the church of knowledge, then this beautiful bookcase by Duret Younes can serve as your orthodox altar. It was inspired by the design of a Morrocan mosaic known as a zellige, hence the name of this piece, the Zelli.

Three Quad Styles

Designer Nauris Kalinauskas named this series Quad, perhaps for all the four-sided shapes that make up the overall layout of these lovely bookcases. When you look at the design sketches, the three designs almost look like shapes for a stained glass window, only rather than filling each square with a lovely scene composed in glass, you can fill it up with the amazing scenes buried in your favorite books.

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Book It: 17 Beautiful Bookcases & Bookshelves
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