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The Living Light Combines Nature and Lighting

Stufio Florris Wubben has a gift when it comes to creating lamps that bring a touch of nature into the home. We previously covered Studio Floris Wubben's fantastic Striped Standing Lamp that was made from one solid piece of wood. Now, with the Living Light you can use any flower with a hollow stem, like a lily or daffodil, to light up your space while still providing the flower with water in the attractive and simple vase.

Since the stems are hollow, they allow light to travel up the base of the flower, creating a psychedelic and beautiful glow that seems to emit from the inside of the flower stem itself. The light doesn't hurt the flower, but it certainly adds an extra element of beauty to the blossom.

If for one reason or another the Crown Vase we covered last week wouldn't work for you, it's another modern and stylish alternative to hold your flowers outside of a traditional vase.

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The Living Light Combines Nature and Lighting
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