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Canes and Functional Furniture In One

Lanzavecchia + Wai certainly are intrested in fun style, as they showed with their delightful Rocking Bench and Seat, but it turns out the designers are also concerned with function as well. Their Together Canes are a clever way to make canes a little more useful than just helping people balance while standing and walking. 

While you wouldn't want to leave the house with a Together Cane as it would just become cumbersome and awkward to carry around through a store or park, they are a great way to make a cane a little more helpful around the house. And don't worry about grandmothers having to drag around a bunch of heavy stuff on their canes, the designs all feature wheels that are stiff enough to provide stability for the person using the cane, but loose enough to allow the canes to move around even with cups of liquid on them without spilling a drop.

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Canes and Functional Furniture In One
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