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10 Stunning Pieces of Nature-Inspired Home Decor

The great outdoors are intrinsically relaxing, but most of us can’t make it out to the wilderness on a daily basis. But if you can’t find time to go out and enjoy nature, you can always bring a little nature into your home instead. Here are a few great designs that can make you feel more at one with the great big blue sphere we call Earth.

Forms in Nature

At first glance, this lamp by Hilden & Diaz looks like a giant ball of ceramic thorns delicately hung from the ceiling, but take a step back and you’ll notice the chandelier manages to convert any room where it is placed into a forest of shadows. Like something pulled from the twisted, barren trees of a Tim Burton film, branches stretch and curl across the walls, creating a creepy, but somehow still inviting, natural setting in even the most sterile and dull room.


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10 Stunning Pieces of Nature-Inspired Home Decor
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