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Shadows Have Style With Anila Quayyum Agha's Intersections

In our nature-inspired design article, we showed what shadows can do to a room thanks to the Hilden & Diaz Forms In Nature chandelier that seems to project a brambly forest across your walls. Here's another example of the power of shadows -Anila Quayyum's carved wood cube

The laser-carved piece is called Intersections and it brings to mind the classic designs of Islamic architecture. Whether you see a touch of religious beauty in the design or just enjoy the delicate shadows projected from this great piece of art. 

The cube is massive, each side measuring a full 6 1/2 feet, so it wouldn't make much of a chandelier unless you happen to have a ballroom or otherwise enormous room in your house. If you do have that much space though, the light will fill the space as the shadows can reach an impressive 35 feet by 32 feet.

But even if you can't fit this gigantic wooden sculpture into your own space, it can provide a fabulous inspiration to show what a little clever lighting can do to your home. It's a good reminder that the light itself isn't always as important as the overall effect it has on the room it is placed.

Via Inthralld

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Shadows Have Style With Anila Quayyum Agha's Intersections
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