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Light Up Your Life With These 11 Uniquely Beautiful Lights

Not every room needs a door, a window, a mirror, a table or a couch, but from dining rooms to board rooms, every room needs one thing –a source of light. And while some people are content with conventional light sources, many of us desire a little more from our lighting. These designs are sure to illuminate any space in serious style.

Starry Light

There’s nothing more romantic than staring at the stars with your sweetheart, but if you live somewhere with too many city lights, or if it’s cloudy out, that’s not always a viable option. With the Starry Light by Anagraphic though, you can bring the beauty of the night sky into your home. The lights aren’t just drilled at random either, but instead each feature real constellations in the night sky, which are connected with thin, shallow lines in the inner surface of the light to help you identify the star clusters on your walls and ceiling.

The Moon

If you want a moon to compliment your indoor stars, don’t worry, in-es Art Design has you covered with these beautiful Moon lights. They may not change phases like the moon does in the sky, but they do promise you’ll have a full moon to enjoy even on the darkest of nights.

Skirting Board Sunset

For those who prefer the daylight to the moon and the stars, it’s hard to beat the beauty and creativity of the Skirting Board Sunset by Helmet Smits. When lit up against any shiny flooring surface, the design looks like a sun setting over a waterway, reflecting its beauty towards you as it makes its way over the horizon. 

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Light Up Your Life With These 11 Uniquely Beautiful Lights
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