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Sleep Under the Stars With the Cosmos Bed

The best part about camping without a tent is the opportunity to sleep under the stars and enjoy the unparalleled views of the night sky. Of course, the downsides are many: the terrible chill, the risk of bug bites, the sunrise waking you up way too early and the awful discomfort of sleeping on the ground. 

Thanks to Natalia Rumyantseva though, you can have all the benefits of a nice, warm bed, but still enjoy a lovely night under the stars -even if they aren't quite as beautiful as the real ones under the night sky. Even better, the bed doesn't just limit you to the benefit of starlight, it also offers you relaxing outdoor noises and even the scents of nature. That means the bed provides a delightful and therapeutic experience that recreates all the best parts of a night in the forest without all those uncomfortable downsides. The bed even comes with a built in alarm clock so you can wake up on your own schedule rather than with the sun.

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Sleep Under the Stars With the Cosmos Bed
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