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Birdhouses That Look Like Airbnb Listings

Good home architecture is always enjoyable, but a person can only live in one home at a time -and many of us could never afford a house quite as fantastic as the ones we dream of. In the meanwhile though, we can enjoy as many fantasy birdhouses as possible. 

When it comes to amazing birdhouses though, it's hard to top these 50 delightful designs that were comissioned by Airbnb that depict some of the most fascinating listings on the company's site. The project, an advertising concept that is drastically more artistic, goes by the name of Birdbnb. 

The idea works particularly well since birds are known for traveling from one place to another, exploring new places all the time -just like people who use Airbnb's service on a regular basis. 

Between the fifty different houses and five different artists, the project features a whole lot of variety, emphasizing not only the different sights a person can enjoy while traveling, but also the many different perspectives travel can bring to someone's life. 

The pieces were put on display at the “Tree of Life” in New Orleans’ Audobon Park where they were used to film a commercial for Airbnb. Unfortunately, due to a legal dispute with the company's rival, HomeAway, the Birdbnb website was taken down, but there are still plenty of examples of the artwork visable around the net.

Via Design Milk

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Birdhouses That Look Like Airbnb Listings
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