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This House Is In A Real Slump -And We Love It

It's a sad truth that one day all buildings, no matter how beautiful or historically important, will end up as rubble. Sometimes perfectly good structures must be torn down to make way for new buildings, but sometimes the elements take their toll either through a natural disaster or just long term dilapidation. But British designer Alex Chinneck has managed to make a building in Cliftonville, England appear to have just given up on itself in his piece entitled "From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes."

The wrecked structure looks as though the front brick facade has just slid down off the front of the building as though it wasn't secured properly and gravity merely did its job. The facade stretches down into the fron yard, leaving the top floor exposed to the elements and front door situated on the ground.

The home was abandoned for over eleven years before Chinneck made the installation by removing the front of the structure and replacing it with a new sloped frontage that reveals the decrepit top story. Next year, the building will be replaced to make way for social housing, but in the meanwhile, the local council that owns the property figured there was no harm in turning the structure into a work of art.

Amazingly, the construction took only six weeks to complete, although the artist planned the piece for over a year. All the materials were donated by top construction companies in the area, so that Art Council England, the sponsor of the installation, only had to pay for the labor associated with the build.

Via Dezeen

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This House Is In A Real Slump -And We Love It
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