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Feeling Plugged Up? Perhaps It's Just Your Wall Outlet

Does your home design just stink? Have you considered that the only real problem is your boring wall outlets? If that's the case, then the Hanaga Tap Nose Outlet is just what you need to add a little personality to your walls. 

The concept is simple: just plug ekoD's Hanaga Tap into your outlet and then plug your electronics into the nostril. But the implications are major: no longer will your wall have to suffer without a nose of its own. After all, if the walls have ears, why shouldn't they have a nose? And don't worry, the designs come in three colors so you don't have to worry about your wall's new facial feature clashing with your wallpaper. 

Naturally, you probably won't want to get these if you have kids as you probably don't want your youngsters trying to plug cords into their nose.

Still not convinced? Then just look at this great commercial for the product (sorry, no English translations are available).

Via Like Cool

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Feeling Plugged Up? Perhaps It's Just Your Wall Outlet
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