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The Megaton Floor Light Is the Bomb

This impressive Megaton floor lamp by Stockpile Designs makes quite a focal point to any room, and it doesn't just look cool -it's actually a real 100 pound bomb dating back from the Korean War. Don't worry about the dangers of storing a live bomb in your living room though, it's only a casing. 

And the rough paint flake design is not going to clash with your fine decor either, as each the steel casing underneath has been hand-polished. The bomb is suspended 42 inches above the ground on a narrow stand and topped with a small linen shade. 

This impressive dual-bulb lamp doesn't come cheap though. It goes for a whopping $1,680. If that sounds a little too high for you though, you can always grab the $108 Clusterbomb, $218 WWII Blitz bomb table lamps or the $740 Friendly Fire anti-tank artillery shell lantern

Via Like Cool

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The Megaton Floor Light Is the Bomb
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