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The Road Shower Gives You Warm, Pressurized Water Wherever You Go

Whether you live an outdoor lifestyle, work on vehicles regularly or just happen to live somewhere rather muddy, sandy or dusty, you know how convenient it can be to have some water on hand to wash your hands and shoes. You can keep a jug of water in your car, but sometimes you need a little more than just a splash -sometimes you need something with high pressure or with enough water to wash your whole body. Even more, sometimes you need the water to be warm so you don't end up trying to wash off mud with ice. That's the beauty of the Road Shower.

The Road Shower can fit on any standard roof rack and heats while you drive using solar energy -the water can even reach over 100 degrees (be sure to check the tank with your hand before using the water). It's easy to fill and can be pressurized with a bike pump, compressor or tire inflator so you can pump up the power of the spray before you turn it on. The device can also be used hands free by simply clipping the shower head to the side of the body.

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The Road Shower Gives You Warm, Pressurized Water Wherever You Go
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