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Aros Is A Smart Air Conditioner

Generally speaking, window-installed air conditioning units aren't the most technologically advanced products on the market, but if you have an older home without central A/C and live somewhere warm, they're pretty much a must-have. While we still don't know a way to hide the eyesore like we suggest doing with your central A/C unit, this smart window air conditioner system can at least help you save a little cash over those warm summer months. And at least it's surprisingly attractive from the front.

That's because the new Aros system wireless connects to the internet so you can control it with an app on your smart phone. You can tell it to turn on before you head home from work, it can detect when you leave and automatically turn off. It even learns your prefer ed settings and will work to keep the temperature where you find it most comfortable.

Aros looks at the weather report to determine when it needs to work harder and when it can take a rest. Even more impressive, the unit monitors your how much you've spent on cooling each month and suggests settings based upon your budget.

Surprisingly, at $300, it's hardly more expensive than other 8,000 BTU air conditioning units on the market that don't come with these impressive features. You can preorder yours at Amazon to have it shipped out early May so it will arrive just before the heat really picks up.

Via Like Cool

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Aros Is A Smart Air Conditioner
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