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This Balloon Furniture Can Help Lift Your Spirits

Director Satoshi Itasaka of Japanese studio h220430 created what might just be the ultimate furniture for the house from Up! The lighthearted furniture appears to be suspended in the air by a bundle of balloons -the bench by one cluster on each side and the chair by one bundle in the center.

As you might imagine, the balloons aren't really filled with helium, but they are actually what holds the chair up. That's because they are made from fiber-reinforced plastic and attached to the ceiling with hidden anchors. They are then attached to the seating area with visible wires to help sell the idea that the chair or bench is ready to float away.

As for the chairs and benches, they are made from fiber-reinforced plastic, leather, steel and urethane, but they look like something so much more magical than that and is certain to brighten up any room where they are placed. As the Japanese designer explains, "if you sit on this chair, you'll be able to think positive thoughts even if you are feeling down." 

While Americans might think of the recent Pixar film when they see the designs, the designer actually found inspiration from the 1956 movie Le Balloon Rouge.

Via My Modern Met

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This Balloon Furniture Can Help Lift Your Spirits
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