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The Call Box of the Cell Phone World

In a world where payphones become increasingly obsolete, phone booths are being repurposed and destroyed in record numbers. But sometimes just because you're on a cellphone doesn't mean you're comfortable with letting anyone in hearing range listen in on your conversation. If you can't take advantage of the privacy of a phone booth then what can you do to get a little intimacy over the phone?

If a Firstcall chair is around, you can sit down and imagine you're in an old-fashion, privacy-protected phone booth. The design, by Dutch designer Ruud Van de Wier and manufacturer Easy-Noisecontrol, mutes your voice from others while providing you a little quiet so you can focus on your conversation no matter how loud your surroundings are. 

The clever use of a phone shape not only works well to mute the surrounding noise, but also to help potential users to identify the purpose of the chair. The resemblance to an old telephone icon makes it immediately recognizeable to people from all backgrounds. 

The chair comes in 32 colors and can also be ordered in two-tone configuration, ensuring that the chair can match just about any other decor you may have around.

Via Design Boom

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The Call Box of the Cell Phone World
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