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13 Cool Ways to Bring A Touch of the Cosmos Into Your Space

Did you know this Sunday is May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day? Since we already covered some of the greatest Star Wars furniture around and some incredible geek theater designs, it seemed only right to help you set the scene for adventures in a galaxy far, far away by presenting the best space-inspired furniture and embellishments we could find in this solar system.

Universe Light

One of the best things about the night sky is the stunning stars that we get to enjoy even with our naked eyes. Korean design studio Metaconcrete took this wonderful sight and made it possible to see indoors as well. The Universe Light is a pretty basic design, but the breathtaking, galaxy-like displays it can creates are anything but.

Via Freshome

Bang & Olufsen A9 Special Edition

Good speakers can make nice bang, but only the Bang & Olufsen A9 Special Edition by Kebei Li is reminiscent of the Big Bang. The wireless speaker’s black and white galaxy print makes this design far more beautiful than any conventional speaker you’ve likely ever come across before.

Nebula Pillow

You don’t need to pay for a professional designer’s work if you want to bring a little touch of the galaxies into your home though, with this tutorial by Whimsey Box, you can easily make your own nebula pillow using some fairly common craft supplies.

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13 Cool Ways to Bring A Touch of the Cosmos Into Your Space
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