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The Hilgard Garden Shows What Hills Can Do For A Garden

Hillside gardens often either look too crowded or too sparse depending on whether plants are planted along the whole hill or if the hill is broken into terraces before planting takes place. With the stunning Hilgard Garden though, the space looks like it is being used to its full potential. 

The original back yard from this 1964 Berkeley, CA townhouse featured basic brick divisions and a mishmash of native and exotic plants. While it wasn't exactly terrible, it wasnt exactly inspirational. That's why the homeowner contracted San Francisco design company Barensfeld Architecture to create a new garden that could provide a zen-inducing retreat. 

The company completely stripped out the existing decor and then constructed a series of striking angular terraces, leaving a seating area at the top of the hill to provide relaxing views of the San Francisco Bay and the city beyond, which can both be seen above the home. In the metal sheets that sit between the concrete walls is a zig-zagging ray of light that shines into the gentle reflecting pool set between the white granite and wooden patios.

The company then planted Japanese maples and small, groundcover plants in a variety of yellows and greens. 

Along the side of the yard, patterned weathering steel walls serve as bamboo planters and a privacy screen between the yard and the neighbors' property.

Via Design Boom

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The Hilgard Garden Shows What Hills Can Do For A Garden
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