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Enjoy The Clear Beauty of Flowing Water With The Axor Starck V

Clear sink basins have took off over the last decade or so, but as much as designers have enjoyed playing with viewing the clarity of the water receptacle, no one seems to have experimented with making the faucet itself transparent. Open mouth faucets let us see the water pour from the faucet, but the new Axor Starck V design by Phillipe Starck and manufacturer Hansgrohe SE actually shows the water as it enters and travels through the spout.

Aside from just looking unique, the tap gives a strikingly fresh new look at the source of water entering your sink, reminding users of natural springs and other healthy fresh water sources. While running, the water flows upward, swirls in the spout's body and then free flows into the basin. 

“This is a revolution, the less possible, almost nothing, totally transparent, totally invisible around a vortex, around this miracle," said the designer.

Unfortunately, the crystal glass will likely be susceptable to hard water calcification, so you might want to install a water softener before installing your new tap. Even then, you'll probably have to clean it regularly and replace it before you normally would replace a faucet, but the spout is beautiful enough to make it worth the hassle. 

Via Design Milk

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Enjoy The Clear Beauty of Flowing Water With The Axor Starck V
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