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Kohler Brings the Automatic Toilet Into the Residential Homes

Public bathrooms across the country have automatic flshing toilets, but these commercial devices are hardly practical in the average home. If you hate having to touch a dirty lever everytime you use the facilities in your home though, Kohler has a solution.

Unlike the commercial automatic flushers that base their timing on having someone sit and step away from the bowl, these home designs are triggered with a mere wave of the hand. This means you can walk by the bowl or even sit on it while you get ready in the morning without having to worry about triggering an unnecessary flush -though a quick hand wave over the tank can take care of any business you might still have lingering.

While the design will be available in many of the company's new toilet designs, you will also be able to buy a $100 retrofit kit to convert any of your old toilets into an automatic flushing version with minimal effort. 

Via Like Cool

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Kohler Brings the Automatic Toilet Into the Residential Homes
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