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The SlideRider Makes Your Stairs Into A Slide

Many kids use sleeping bags and matresses to slide down stairs, but while these adventures are fun, they aren't especially safe. Inventor Trisha Cleveland envisioned a world where children could freely slide down their stairs without risking broken bones or cracked skulls, so she came up with a collapsable, padded stair slide that could be added and removed from the stairs whenver the kids want to play with it.

Trisha Cleveland submitted the idea on the Quirky inventor site, where the community worked to fully flush out the idea before it will eventually be put up for sale on the site. The indoor/outdoor staircase slide idea was improved to include safety bumpers, to be collapsable into an easily stored package , to come in red and blue and to have a cozy pillow attachment at the bottom of the staircase. The concept also got a catch name and a slogan: SlideRider, The Inside Slide.

While the SlideRider isn't yet available for sale, it looks like it will probably go for somewhere between $60-$75. The site is currently working on the manufacturing process for the creation and hopefully it will be available soon. In the meanwhile, you can subscribe to updates for the SlideRider so you will be the first to know when it is in production.

Via BoingBoing

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The SlideRider Makes Your Stairs Into A Slide
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