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8 Homes Made From Non-Traditional Materials

There are those who complain our society is too wasteful and those that do something about it –in some cases, going so far as to make what is essentially trash into their home. In most cases, this odd method of recycling even ends up being cheaper than it would be to create an entirely new structure. Here are a few of our favorites.

Tracy Island

Once a lime works and water-softening treatment plant that closed down in 1942, Tracy Island is now a stunning six-bedroom, six-bath home after undergoing a $2.5 million remodel. Amazingly though, the owners are reselling it uncompleted for $3.3 million, claiming it just needs about $800,000 more work to complete.

No word on what still needs to be done, but as it stands, the five-storey home features a roof-top swimming pool, a three-storey dining room, a gym, a theater, a library, an office, an underground garage and two kitchens. Additionally, the six-acre property features a small forest that blooms rampant with bluebells in the spring.

601 Dolores Street

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8 Homes Made From Non-Traditional Materials
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