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28 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Whether or not you have an air conditioning, chances are you want to stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer without having to spend a fortune. These tips can help you chill out without burning through your bank account.

If you have an air conditioner:

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  • Leave the thermostat high. Set it for 80 or 85 when you’re not home and if it’s really hot in your area, don’t turn it all the way off when you go to work. You don’t need to keep things too cool while you’re gone, but it can actually cost more to cool your whole house back down once it gets to over 100 degrees than it does to leave the AC on low.
  •  Keep your thermostat away from electronics and sunlight. These heat sources can make your readings come out artificially high, causing your AC to run longer than you need it. Also, try installing a programmable thermostat.
  • Close the doors to rooms you aren’t using. And, if you have central AC, close the air vent to that room. You don’t need to cool spaces where you don’t go.

  • Shade your AC unit. That way, it doesn’t have to work as hard (but be sure not to block airflow).
  • Consider upgrading your air conditioner. If it’s more than a decade old, the upgrade could be cheaper than the money you spend on an outdated unit that’s not as efficient and uses more electricity.
  • Use fans in conjunction with your AC. While the air conditioner might give you nice cool air, the fans will help circulate it to where you need it most, meaning you won’t have to turn the thermostat down so low.
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