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Discarded Fans Made Into Home Decor Products by Fantasized

During the summer season, we all know just how important it is to have a good fan around. But eventually the motor will die in your fan. Some people get their broken fans fixed or donate them to a charity where they can be repaired, but others just toss them in the trash since getting a new fan is often cheaper than fixing the old one.

But Belgian designer Sep Verboom hopes to help cut down on the waste from old fans by converting them into something useful. That's why he and partner Hon. Nida Cabrera at Fantasized started working with local craftsmen of the Philippines to turn waste into beautiful home accessories.

The team purchases fan guards from local scrap yards and waste strips of plastic from a local woven chair factory. Then, the local craftsmen then paint them and hand weave the cages into baskets. Some of the baskets are then sold off as they are, while others are used as the base for other pieces such as mirrors, ottomans, tables and light shades.

While the company is the first to admit they won't solve all the world's problems, they are at least taking steps to employ local artisans, support their local economy and reduce waste.

Via Design Milk

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Discarded Fans Made Into Home Decor Products by Fantasized
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