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Vitra Encourages Designers With A Cool New Slide

Vitra is a German design firm that, like many innovative companies, tries to keep its creatives inspired and happy. To that end, the Weil am Rhein campus recently had a new building installed...well, more of a sculpture than a building.

That's because the new installation, designed by artist Carsten Höller, is actually a 100-foot, giant slide with an impressive staircase and a massive clock at the top. The artist was commissioned to create something that would both fit into the overall plan of the campus and still stand out among the other unique and artistic buildings located there. 

The interactive sculpture features three supportive bases that meet at a 55-foot-high, glass observation tower -as two of the columns connect to display the six-foot-tall minimalist sculptural clock at the top. When visitors are done enjoying the view of the campus, they can either climb down the long staircase or jump on the slide for a quick, spiraling ride to the ground.

The tilted clock forms the Vitra logo for a few seconds twice a day as it rotates around the axis, allowing those who work anywhere across the campus to read the clock at some point.

Via Design Boom

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Vitra Encourages Designers With A Cool New Slide
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