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The Pole House Is Up In The Clouds & Away From It All

Beachside property is known for having impressive views, but The Pole House by F2 Architects brings this concept to an all new level -quite literally. That's because the Fairhaven Beach home is elevated off the cliff where it is situated, letting guests see far beyond the immediate scenery and ensuring the road between the home and the beach is entirely out of view.

The view isn't the only amazing thing about this incredible home. The fact that the home is perched so high off the ground creates the illusion that the structure is floating in midair when viewed from the pathway leading to the house.

The decor inside matches the striking look of the home's exterior -including a floating fireplace; simple, modernist decor; marble and wooden textures throughout the home; and wall-to-ceiling windows ensuring the view is as incredible as you would expect. For those who like to get a little wind in their hair, the walkway leading around the entire home provides a perfect place to sit and enjoy the view while reflecting on the beauty of nature.

If you simply love this house and desperately wish you could stay here, then you'll be happy to know it's a rental property available for about $2500 a week.

Via Inthralld

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The Pole House Is Up In The Clouds & Away From It All
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