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12 Awesome Bookcases for Kids

We’ve shown you some great geeky nursery ideas, homemade kids furniture ideas and some wonderful bookcases and bookshelves, but when your little geek grows up to need somewhere to put his or her book collection, these twelve designs are a perfect way to encourage your child to keep reading.


We all played with pin art sculptures during the 80’s and 90’s, but now you can bring that joy and creativity to a whole new generation with the PinPres kid’s shelving system by Ooo My Design. Kids can push and pull the pins according to their storage needs, making cleaning up into a game and offering them a great way to customize the look of their room without making a mess. The design comes in five colors and can be made to any sizing specifications.


Igloos are fascinating structures to most kids, who find the idea of a warm shelter being built from ice blocks to be utterly fascinating. Unfortunately, unless you live in the Arctic Circle, you probably won’t be able to build your child an authentic igloo anytime soon. This Igloo-shaped bookcase by Point Design Studio is a great alternative though –providing your kids with a cozy, private nook for their bed and ample storage space for their keepsakes and books. It even comes equipped with a dainty side table that can provide a perfect place to read, color or do homework.


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12 Awesome Bookcases for Kids
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