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10 Tiny Houses That Are Filled With Serious Comforts

We’ve featured a few small homes before, but with the exception of The Truffle, most of these seem downright spacious compared to some of the truly tiny houses out there. While these matchbox homes might not be for everyone, the cozy spaces certainly prove that bigger isn’t always better.

Ragged Island Retreat

A lot of people want to get away from it all when they retire, but few have the luxury of having talented architect Alex Scott Porter as a daughter. Since retired journalist and professor of Columbia University Bruce Porter was so fortunate, he was able to work with his daughter to build this incredible 550 square foot cabin in Ragged Island, Maine.

The cabin not only looks great, but it’s also totally off-the-grid and eco-friendly with a roof designed to feed in a rainwater collection tank, solar power, passive solar heating, gray-water recycling and a small propane tank for when the sun isn’t out.

Via Tiny House Design


96 square feet doesn’t sound like much, but when you see the photos of Robin Falck’s lakeside cabin, you quickly realize that’s all you need to feel at home in a stunning forest setting –especially one with such an incredible view. The two-story home in Finland took only two weeks to complete, required no permits and cost about $10,500.

The One Tree House

The house essentially uses a studio layout, but having the bed tucked away in its own nook makes it feel more spacious. And the fact that the full bathroom and laundry room are included in the small design makes it that much more appealing.

Following the Rules

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10 Tiny Houses That Are Filled With Serious Comforts
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