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A Home Inspired By A Folded Over Sheet of Paper

If you ever "dog-earred" a piece of paper, than you can easily imagine what the front of the F-House looks like, even before you see a picture. That's because the crisp, white facade has a striking resemblance to a piece of white paper with the corner folded over. Above the door is a slightly curved extension that almost looks like a ripped shred of paper that has curled up just a tiny bit. 

The two-story home, located in the Gion neighborhood of Kyoto, Japan, is as unique as it is eye-catching, its stark, clean exterior ready to grab the attention of anyone passing by. The design is even more notable in Japan, where origami is a traditional artform that often starts with a plain piece of paper with a single crease in it.

Designed by architect Yukio Hashimoto, the fold isn't there to remind viewers of paper-folding though, but simply to "provide buoyancy to the simple wall surface which would otherwise seem closed and weighty."

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A Home Inspired By A Folded Over Sheet of Paper
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