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Wok N' Roll At Home With the WokMon

There's nothing quite like a tasty stir fry, but even those with fancy (and expensive) woks will often notice that they just can't get their food to match the tasty intensity of their favorite Chinese restaurant. As it turns out, the missing magic is what the Chinese call wok hei, which means "breath of the wok."

Essentially, it's not just what you put in the pan, or the pan itself that makes your stir fry kick -it's also the heat source.Unfortunately, most kitchens aren't equipped with burners that can get as hot as those in traditional Chinese restaurants, which means your food isn't searing like it should be and instead is partly stewing on the stove. 

Glen Lee, inventor of hinged chopsticks, has a solution that he calls the WokMon. So what makes the WokMon rock? Well, it allows you to focus the force of your burner so you can create one massive flame that can improve your wok skills in an instant. 

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Wok N' Roll At Home With the WokMon
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