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Finally A Portable Standing Desk You Can Bring Anywhere

Research has shown that our bodies were not made to sit all day and doing so is terrible for us. That's why standing desks have caught on so much over the last few years. But when you travel, or even try to move around the office, you can't exactly take your standing desk with you -until now. The StorkStand is a recently funded Kickstarter project that offers portability, comfort and convenience all at once.

The beauty of the StorkStand is that you can make a sitting and standing desk from the back of practically any chair. Just set the bar into the correct setting for your height, strap the device on a chair back and you're ready to go.

The StorkStand can hold up to 50 pounds and it only weighs 4.2 pounds. The desk even has a convenient cellphone nook so that has space for a charger to attach through the bottom of the desk. You can preorder yours today for $199.

Via Fast Co. Design

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Finally A Portable Standing Desk You Can Bring Anywhere
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