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14 Unique Mirror Designs That Reflect Your Personality

Everyone needs a mirror in the home –even if just to check there’s no more toothpaste on your face after brushing. While most of them are pretty basic rectangles and ovals, there’s no reason to limit yourself to these boring shapes. These cool mirrors can do a lot more than reflect things, they can also show off a bit of your personality.

Perito Moreno Vanity Circle

Light up your room with this strikingly lovely Perito Moreno Vanity Circle by Iris Design Studio. The entire outer edge of the mirror features Pyrex glass shaped like half of a standard light bulb. Inside the mirror, a light source provides power for these faux bulbs that reflect off the mirror, creating a striking light source for the whole room.

The design can be used to decorate any room, but it is particularly well-suited to the bathroom, where optimal light is needed for applying makeup and shaving.


Some people say daily affirmations into the mirror while others writer positive messages to themselves on the mirror. For a simpler, yet more permanent positive message every time you look in the mirror, just grab this Vous mirror from the Art Lebedev Studio.

Alternatively, if you just can’t enough negativity in your life, just try flipping it over instead.

Keep Calm

If you really like writing on the mirror, the Keep Calm Board by SOPDS is a great way to put your own spin on the classic British slogan. Just grab a dry erase pen and Keep Calm and…

Who Tall Are You

Kiddie growth charts are so boring after a while. Once your little one grows to about 4’6”, he or she is bound to give you attitude when you want to record his or her height. Switch them over to Suck UK’s Who Tall Are You Mirror though and you might just catch them measuring themselves every time they think they may have grown a centimeter. Plus, you and your adult guests will also enjoy getting to know which celebrities share their stature.

The mirror is measured in centimeters rather than the US-standard Imperial units, but on the upside, this means you get that many more celebrities to compare yourself to.

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14 Unique Mirror Designs That Reflect Your Personality
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