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A Modular Cat Playground That Looks Great

Kitties love their cat trees, but it seems that designers of these monstrosities rarely love good home design. With the CatsPlay Modular Playground, now your little furball can enjoy climbing, crawling, jumping and more while you enjoy the simple style of this modular unit.

While many cat condo sellers use the word modular to mean you put it together yourself, this design is modular by the true definition and can be built in any configuration you choose. You can even take pieces off to wash them or rearrange the design to give your kitty some more enrichment in his life.

Depending on the size of your living room, your budget and your kitty's activity level, you could choose to start with the Starter Kit, the Kitty Hawk or the Stairway to Cat Haven -each of which is larger than the last (and more expensive). The prices range from $119 to $299 and there are plenty of additional parts you can use to expand or customize your unit, ranging from spring toy attachments to kitty condos.

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A Modular Cat Playground That Looks Great
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