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14 Stunning Home Windows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then it's only logical that windows are the easiest way to judge the soul of a home. If that's true, then these 14 homes must have some of the most beautiful souls ever constructed.

Casa Batllo

While Antoni Gaudi may have passed away, his revolutionary designs remain a favorite of design enthusiasts everywhere. His Casa Batllo is a particularly good source of inspiration when it comes to windows, with the wavy, sea-like shapes of the home's front windows. It's a powerful reminder that convention is always questionable.

Image via Alexandra StevensonSantiRose Davies and Natalia Romay

The Drew House

A house as unique as the Drew House by Simon Laws requires unique windows as well. In this case, that meant something that could fit a circular, silo-like dwelling and still be equipped with blinds to keep out the scorching Australian sun. The end result is nothing short of stunning.

Phoenix Arcadia

For a truly dramatic look, it's hard to beat latticed lights with crystal cuts on the glass panes -especially when they make up the whole wall like the windows in this room by PHX Architecture.

Casa Ibiza

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14 Stunning Home Windows
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