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How to Make a Natural Log Pathway For Dirt Cheap

Lots of people happen to have a few logs lying around after cutting down a tree or from an unused firewood bundle, and those who don't can often find a free bundle of logs available on Craigslist. If you can get a few bags of sand paver base (also occassionally available for free on Craigslist), you can put together a natural log pathway in your yard for pretty much only the cost of wood sealant. Of course, even if you have to buy all the materials, they still probably won't cost all that much -especially given that you won't need much wood or sand.

You can watch the video below for full instructions from Sew Woodsy, but the basic gist is that you'll need to use a chainsaw to cut the wood into thin chunks of wood, then you need to seal them. After that, you need to create the path where you want to lay out the wood pieces by pulling out the grass and preparing the sand paver base. Lay the wood out in the sand base to decide how it best fits in the space and then, lastly, glue each log piece to another.

Via Home Talk

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How to Make a Natural Log Pathway For Dirt Cheap
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