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This Soap Holder Drains Water

New products are invented every day and their usefulness generally ranges to "why would anyone need this?" to "I guess that's kind of a cool idea." But every now and then someone comes up with an idea that makes you want to slap your forehead and ask "how has this not been a thing until now?" This water-draining soap holder is one such invention.

For countless years, bar soaps have turned to mush and melted right into the soap holder where they were sat. It didn't matter if the soap was placed in the in-sink holder or into a seperate one -either way the soap would melt. Some people would buy above-the-sink soap holders that would allow the bar to drain, but these just left a drippy, soapy mess on the sink below. 

The Idea Works Waterfall Soap Saver actually directs the melty soap water into the sink so it can easily be washed away next time you use the sink. And the clever design doesn't take away from the aestetic appeal. In fact, the cool creation's spout and two prong holders almost looks like a vampire sticking his tongue out or like an ordinary soap dish that has melted through the base on one side. 

You can buy your own Waterfall Soap Saver on Amazon for only $5.

Via Like Cool

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This Soap Holder Drains Water
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