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One Couch With Four Seating Options

Small places can't be fitted with tons of seating all the time, but sometimes you need more than just a couch when company comes over. You can use collapsable furniture, but it's generally cheaply made, ugly and uncomfortable. The Sofista Modular Sofa is the ideal solution to this dilema. 

As a whole, the design makes up one traditional sofa. When pulled apart though, the sofa makes up three seats, a chaise lounge, a small bed and an armchair -each of which could seat at least a few people comfortably. With the small bed, you even have a space for one person to sleep over after they drank a few too many.

Designed by Fabrizio Simonetti, all you have to do is pull the couch arms off and suddenly one simple sofa has become three unique chairs. The odd-looking sofa comes in eight color combinations so it's sure to fit into any home and it might just be the ultimate peice of furniture for those who live in tight spaces.

Via Like Cool

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One Couch With Four Seating Options
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