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Your Ideas Can Take Off With This Jumbo Jet Conference Table

Every real business needs a coffee table and if you really want to show your business prowess, you need a table that speaks volumes to visiting clients and competitors. This Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table is certain to impress as much as it intimidates.

Offering space to seat twelve people comfortably and at least sixteen with a little squeezing, the table is certainly large enough for most business needs and it offers plenty of space for computers, projectors, notepads and conference phones too. It's even equipped with electrical sockets for all your critical business gizmos. 

Of course, if you're looking for something for your home and find a Boeing 747 engine a little too big for your interior, Moto Art also offers a much smaller DC-9 engine as a coffee table. Either way, you should know that the pricing for these one-of-a-kind tables is only available by inquiry, so if you have to ask, you probably won't want to know.

Via Like Cool

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Your Ideas Can Take Off With This Jumbo Jet Conference Table
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