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14 Cool Sinks To Leave You Overflowing With Joy

There was a time when practically all home sinks were one of a handful of styles and the faucet was the only real distinguishing factor. But nowadays, you have just as much variety in the shape and style of your sink as you do in the type of faucet to use. Here are a few of the most unique designs we could find to inspire you to replace your boring old basin and tap.


Who said a sink needs a faucet? Well, sure, you need somewhere for the water to come out, but with the AIS by Moab 80, that somewhere is actually built right into the back of the sink itself. The end result is a minimalist sink that looks even more stark without a faucet flowing into it.


If Moab 80 can make a sink without a faucet, then it only makes sense that someone else would make one without a drainpipe -or at least, one with the illusion of not having a drain pipe. Axolute Design created the T4 to be only an inch and a half thick while still holding a built-in, integrated siphon. Aside from the unique look, the sink also offers the benefit of having an opening too small for most rings and other jewelry to fall down and get lost.


Axolute's SP6 offers many of the advantages of the T4, only with a round sink basin and a lengthy counter to match. The drain-free illusion isn't quite as noticeable in this slightly thicker design with a counter that seems to conceal the piping, but you do receive the benefit of having a nice counter for your bathroom, which the T4 lacks.


Where Axolute aimed to hide the drain in their sinks, Studio Ganszyniec decided to intentionally leave out a drain in their basin. The concept behind that decision was to allow people to see exactly how much water they are using, rather than just letting it trickle down the drain. When you consciously have to dump out the bowl of water in the provided siphon, you will see how much you used for a given activity -hopefully reducing the amount of water you use in the future.

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14 Cool Sinks To Leave You Overflowing With Joy
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