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The Most Beautiful Passive iPhone Speaker

There are plenty of passive iPhone speakers out there that require no electricity to run, but most of them either offer inferior sound amplification or a cheap, plastic design. The Chino Legato Passive Speaker is different.

The Chino Legato is made from beautiful, high-quality ash wood and features the classic, eye-pleasing shape of a traditional Victrola speaker. The shape is both sleek and elegant and the wood grain only helps emphasize the simple, stunning design while also providing warm, powerful sound. In fact, the sound can be boosted up to 6 decibels. 

The design makes for both a striking way to amplify your iPhone when you want a speaker and a great-looking place to store your iPhone when it's not in use.

Compatible with the iPhone 4 and all newer models, you can purchase the device directly from the Japanese manufacturer for approximately $249.

Via Oh Gizmo

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The Most Beautiful Passive iPhone Speaker
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