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11 Totally Weird Buildings From Around the World

In the world of architecture, level lines and right angles are the standard, but some architects reject these principals and some properties can't be contained with these traditional confines. These are some of the weirdest buildings on earth.

Crooked House

You don't need to order a drink to feel drunk at the Crooked House. That's because this pub is entirely disorienting, tilting this way and that throughout the entire interior. The structure's staggered stance is a result of mining underneath the pub during the 1800s that left one end of the structure four feet lower than the other.

Image Via Firstbrook Just Click 100 [Flickr]

Dancing House

Designed in 1992 by Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić and Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, the Dancing House was designed to be a building of two parts to represent the transition of Czechoslovakia from a communist state under the USSR to an independent democracy.

Image Via Dino Quinzani [Wikipedia]

Crazy House

This bizarre building by Vietnamese architect Đặng Việt Nga is reminiscent of a massive banyan tree on the outside, while the interior looks notably cave-like. Nga did not use traditional blueprints to design the structure, but instead creates paintings, which she then has local craftsmen to convert into a physical structure. The structure has become a popular tourist destination and has been included in many tv shows, blogs and magazines.

Images Via Kelisi [Wikipedia]

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11 Totally Weird Buildings From Around the World
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