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16 Helpful Solutions to Hide the Eyesores in Your Home

From thermostat controls to dog crates and from terrible tile to cord pile-ups, everyone has some horrible eyesores in their home. But you don't have to just accept these ugly accents -you can do something about them and here are a few handy ideas to make your space look as presentable as possible.

Charging Spaces

Nothing can instantly make a counter or tabletop look more cluttered like setting a few electronics on it to charge. So how can you give your goodies the juice they need while keeping the wire mess out of the way? Set aside a drawer with a power strip on the inside just for charging. Just remember to shorten the back of the drawer to give the power strip cord enough space in the back. This specific drawer decor was done by LGB Interiors.

Computer Cords

Speaking of cord disasters, it can be a serious nightmare to deal with all those cords and cables in the back of your desk. Rather than letting them hang around all over, try installing some short shelves and hooks under your desk, like Andrea Dekker did, to get rid of the clutter.

Alternatively, as Life Hacker points out, attaching a peg board to the back or bottom of your desk can offer a great way to wire or zip tie all your power strips and cables away. Depending on your layout, you can even hide your modem and router this way.

Television Cables

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16 Helpful Solutions to Hide the Eyesores in Your Home
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