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Ikea Creates A Climbable, Vertical Apartment

It's true that each person wants a little something different in their dream home, but it's also a little doubtful that anyone will clamoring to move into Ikea's newest apartment in France. Not only does the space lack a roof and four walls to protect you from the elements, it is also built on a bit of a tilt. Well, maybe that's a slight understatement, as building something at a full 90 angel is a more than a tilt.

But that's exactly how Ikea built this great apartment to advertise their new store in Clermont-Ferrand, with a little help from communication agency Ubi Bene.  The result is a climbable apartment installed with dozens of furniture products, including beds, carpets, couches, and tables, as well as a few well-placed climbing holds. Of course, given the who gravity thing, half of the furniture items had to be placed rightside up while others were installed sideways -meaning that the adult bed serves as little more than a padded backstop while the sofa and shelving units could be used the way they were intended.

Participants who agreed to climb the vibrantly-colored apartment could use the chairs and dressers as climbing holds or choose to rest up on the top of living room or bedroom furniture. For those who needed a break before they reached the top, a swinging chair offered a relaxing space to take a rest. Naturally, everything installed on the billboard beside the hand holds is available for purchase in the new store.

Via Design Boom

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Ikea Creates A Climbable, Vertical Apartment
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