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A Tiny Seaside Home Just Perfect For Viewing the Waves

There's something wonderful about tiny houses and with two amazing windows that allow passersby to view straight through to the sea, the Window House by Yasutaka Yoshimura is certainly no exception.

Sure at only 10 feet by 26 feet, the home is hardly spacious, but when this weekend retreat isn't intended as a full time living space and with breathtaking views of the Sagami Bay of Kanagawa, Japan, you don't need much more for a cozy getaway. The modest rooms inside the dwelling only provide enough space for one person to sleep, making the Window House a great place to meditate, refresh and relax.

The use of two massive windows lined up with one another not only provides the guest with a great view of the bay, but allows neighbors and those strolling by to enjoy a view of the beach regardless of the structure in the way.

Via Design Taxi

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A Tiny Seaside Home Just Perfect For Viewing the Waves
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