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Clever Closet Organization Tips to Finally Control the Clutter

Does your closet look like a department store rack after their big Black Friday sale? It doesn't have to. These clever closet organization tips can help you clean up your act and stay that way.

Image via Lara604 [Flickr]

Empty Everything Out

The first thing you should do when tackling a closet organization project is to pull everything out so you actually know what's in there. Don't just stop with the clothes or linens, pull everything out so your closet is totally empty.

Sort Your Stuff

Next, go through everything in the closet and pull out anything you don't wear anymore (or, if it's a storage closet, remove the things you don't use). All of these items should be sold on eBay donated to charity because if you're not using them, someone else would be happy to.

Move any items that would be better suited to another space and put them away. For example, your Christmas decorations probably don't need to be stored in the hall closet instead of the garage since you only use them once a year.

Other items should be organized according to what they are and be specific. Don't just make a pile of tops and a pile of bottoms. Make a pile of tee shirts, one of sweaters, one of dress shirts, etc.

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Clever Closet Organization Tips to Finally Control the Clutter
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